19 June, 2010

day 170 - saturday - Bob Dylan

Tassie was kept busy with paints this morning. We found they worked well with her foam stamps.

Ian's been playing a little game lately, where instead of saying "Peek a boo" he says "Bob Dylan' and Angie laughs and laughs and laughs. The little boy's been toddling around the room crooning on his harmonica and he went round and round in circles and even danced a little for us. It was sweet and terribly funny.

and Tassie is drawing in her new notebook and clever crayons that twist up and down like a retractable pencil. Together they cost about $5 at Browse n Save. Love That Place!

Tassie still receives lots of admiring looks and comments when we go out. She does look cute in her little hat. At the shop I bought some CD covers which I plan to store my unmounted stamps in and some oil pastel crayons, to play!

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