07 June, 2010

day 155 - friday - goodbye to a grand old lady

This tea set belonged to my husband's great aunts, who were an interesting group of spinsters I feel I knew personally but never met. We have various pieces from their lives around our house: ancient armchairs, with faded upholstery and scratched arms, a french-polished dining table in need of TLC and six broken but formerly beautiful chairs, a granny-square rug, handmade lace and crocheted doilies, even a set of mismatched plates and cups.

I love them all.

I plan to photograph them all and tell their stories one day. The tea set went to Goodwill on Friday where I'm sure it will find a new loving owner. We need to replace the table and dining chairs soon, which really don't suit our family needs but I hope we can keep everything else. It's special to have little pieces of family history, especially when you remember them sitting in a loved ones home when you were a child. But that's another story!

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