04 June, 2010

day 151 - monday - National Gallery Melbourne

It was a big treat to go back into Melbourne and see the National Art Gallery. I had planned this trip especially to see an exhibition about Dada (arty term for collage), being the scrappy girl that I am. However, disappointingly, the Ian Potter Centre was closed, being a Monday. So we walked a little further and discovered a hugely inspiring exhibition called 'Timelines', all portrait photography (see poster, top left corner, pic below). That's my sister Manda cruising past the fountain.

I took copious notes (I plan to add these over at Rock Paper Scissors Scrap sometime soon). Then we went to the cafe for a posh tea and coffee break with our pal and second cousin Sten, before high-tailing it back to Auntie Shirl's.

I've added a bit of 'noise' to this photo for fun. Silly, isn't it!

We had a bit of time for photos before rushing off to catch our plane back to Adelaide.

The little statue couple back Collingwood and Geelong, EXACTLY the same as my Auntie Shirl and Uncle Ken. Cute, huh?
When we returned I said a rude word to Manda about Adelaide which I won't repeat here, and it was only because this trip I really wished I lived in Melbourne. However, I was surprised to find I had really missed my babies.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Mike and Manda.

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