08 June, 2010

day 159 - tuesday - The Quest

I went out and bought two books the other day. Just for myself. Then I went and bought another. How very indulgent. The first is called "Mother Who?". I had decided to search for a book on the topic of mothers in Australia today. I really wanted to recognise myself in someone else, or at least decide "Well it's ok not to be a perfect mother." So this book was a worthwhile read, though a bit Womans Day for my liking. I did get a lot from reading about women who were relaxed about not being one-on-one with their children all day long while they worked, some full time from home, others fulltime outside the home with the children in care. I'm on a quest to find the right balance for us.

Will give an update soon on the next two books: Beyond Time Out and When Hungry, Eat.

Today my helpful hubby sat with me for an hour and together we nutted out an hour-by-hour routine for each day, including weekends, though it's a bit more relaxed then. I'm a bit excited about this quest, which includes finding a bit of 'me' time every day, and a happier almost-three-year-old toddler who doesn't shout each time I walk away to do something.

I'm also excited about clearing out the spare room. We took a lot of stuff downstairs into our storage area which we should have Done Ages Ago. Looking foward to my friend Melanie's visit this Friday.

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