24 June, 2010

thursday day 175 - Our first female Prime Minister!

Today started off as any other ordinary day (except Angie slept in til 9am. That NEVER happens). Tassie decided she needed some Vegas style makup on today.

then I switch on the tellie to find ABC Kids has been bumped so we can watch the emergence of AUSTRALIA'S FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER!

Sorry Kev, mate, but you'll have to suck it up... (there's no dignity for an ex-PM behind the exterior of grimy kids' fingerprints on an analogue TV)...

So there, Tassie, your future is already looking brighter as a female growing up in a terrific country.

and you can show this picture to your friends in the future to prove that you witnessed history in the making.

Oh yes and Angie woke up to see the highlights...

I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR (LOL! Cheesy I know. But makes for a good scrapbook page).

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