18 June, 2010

day 168 - thursday - two firsts for Tassie

Today was an exciting day of firsts for Tassie, who's two, nearly three (next month).

Auntie Manda came round at lunchtime after work and read the book Say the Sounds to Tassie, only Tassie surprised us by saying, when they came to the word 'sea', "see-ah". Manda said "very good, only we don't pronounce the 'a'." Manda and I were AMAZED! A few days ago she wrote the letter "T" on her drawing toy and has been able to finish the alphabet puzzle on her own quite easily.

The other thing was wearing undies for the VERY. FIRST. TIME. It was unsuccessful, in the sense that she went through all five pairs, and seemed to think they were just a pretty nappy substitute, making no effort to get to the toilet. But hey, it's a start. So that's a success.

Angie had just gone for his nap, after giggling and laughing with the lump of playdough I gave him to play with in his highchair. Tassie was pointing at his bottle, asking to have it. I usually don't let her, especially now, as I'm trying to cut her daily intake of milk back to three small cups a day. She LOVES milk!

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