07 June, 2010

day 158 - monday - lickin the spoon

We finally got around to making muffins today. Tasmin's been asking for ages. I had been a bit scared off as the last time we baked together, she was still going through her tantrum stage. Today was different and quite peaceful. She follows instructions very well.

Earlier in the day we went out with Angus to the playground - it's been several weeks since the last visit. Then we popped in to see Auntie Manda who must be around 36 weeks by now. Her baby is due two days before Tassie's birthday. Tassie happened to see a map of Australia and said 'Australia'. Manda and I were amazed!

Oh and Daddy was happy to have a fresh baked blueberry muffin for afternoon tea!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

love cake batter mmm. My nana used to let me not only lick beaters full of cream but to eat a spoonful. Glad it all went well


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