21 June, 2010

day 171 - sunday - building, Gandy fun and cabaret

Look at my brand new set of drawers from IKEA - less than $100, fits under my tiny desk and built by my mechanical-engineering expert husband! Can't wait to organise my scrapbooking supplies...

Gandy came round to check out the latest progress on Project 365 and here is the little girl, jumping up a storm and amusing her grandma. She stayed for my Lamb and Lentil soup.

and here's the best bit: My sister took me to see this wonderful cabaret performance, Mitchell Butel's Killing Time. I was so inspired. She knows him from her Sydney days, so when we met afterwards I was brave enough to ask for an autograph. All in the name of art, of course. We also had the pleasure of meeting some of his friends, including Adam Cook, brilliant Theatre Sports performer, lovely guy and now director of the State Theatre here in Adelaide. What a great evening!

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