03 April, 2011

Wednesday - playgroup with a twist

On our way to playgroup. Angus was thinking about how he'd rather be running around the backyard and why did I have to strap him in to the backseat anyway?

Both children enjoy going to playgroup, and I really look forward to the respite it affords, the chance to sit and relax with other mums and watch the children play. I did intervene a few times with Angus, such as grabbing the chalk off him before he scribbled on the walls and furniture. Tasmin was unusually cuddly this morning, wanting to stay on my lap a lot of the time.

The twist at the end happened when the playgroup parachute was brought out. The mums hold the parachute while the kids stay underneath, and we sing songs. Angus suddenly ran over to be involved, as he does every week. But it was only when another mum commented about this that I made the connection for myself: he was suddenly WITH us, making eye contact, laughing, hugging me, and running in and out. In other words, this sensory activity had engaged with him, and unlocked his little world for a brief chance to step out. Wonderful!

This is me later in the day at 4.30pm, stepping out to go to my other (paid) job, tutoring senior high school English students.

Angus was particularly upset when I left this day, but Ian brought them over to the window to wave me goodbye.

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