09 April, 2011

Wednesday - catching up on sleep

No pics for Wednesday. I took the kids to playgroup as usual, and they enjoyed playing. Angus surprised me by working out an activity where you thread large beads on to a shoe string necklace. When it was time to pack up, he didn't want to stop playing. So he went outside and sulked, watching us doing his favorite activity with the parachute. But I was pleased to see he cared enough to silently protest in this way, while still watching us. He would not have done this a few months ago, noticing what was going on around him.

Both children were so exhausted they slept in the car on the way home, and napped when we returned home. I did too. Tasmin has been waking most nights with night terrors and screaming, calling out for us and banging on her door. No doubt it's waking Angus too, who shares a room with her. Tomorrow I'm one step closer to finding out what's bothering her.

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