11 April, 2011

Friday - feeling perplexed

Little man and I had to make ourselves scarce today since tv guy would be returning and I didn't feel like faking friendliness after he blamed me for his half-finished installation of our new tv recently. DH said not to worry, it's typical of men to do this when they make mistakes?!? I say: sometimes it's easier and more logical for men to deal with other men, non?

We went to the autism playgroup, only to be told that it had been cancelled, but they didn't want to tell the mums in case they still felt like coming?!? Yes, I was feeling perplexed by then. The receptionist offered to open the room for me, set up some toys, and keep me company while little man played. Which was very nice, really.

Angus and I returned home after a while, via the playground, followed by more play in the sandpit at home. Luckily his Daddy was on hand for the clean up job in the bathroom afterwards. Dadddy freaks out a bit at the sight of dirt and sand on the children, which is kind of funny, after all those years out in the field with the army! Yes, more perplexity. But in a good way.

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