19 April, 2011

Thursday - last day at Monti and shopping spree


Mutti was allowed to dress Tasmin for her last day of Monti, though of course Tas chose the dress she wanted. She looked very sweet (but was hard to pin down for the photo). She and I were up half the night, with Tas having trouble staying asleep but she was comforted again in the morning by Mutti (she is sporting a "Mutti" fringe only haircut).

Then off we went for a lovely coffee and a spot of shopping for toys. Educational, of course. This is Angus's "Mutti haircut" by the way. Not bad!

I love Mutti's petite hands. They are so feminine. And there is the purple.

These needed to be photographed.

We caught up with Manda and baby in the afternoon, and another chance for photos. Mum was there for a while as well but didn't stay long enough for a photo.

It was good to catch up on some auntie time. The strategies suggested by the Occupational Therapist during our first visit yesterday worked well today - a deep warm bath after Monti/kindy care and cuddles with the heated wheat bag.

And the boy played happily with his cars, trucks and little people.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I love the sound of a warm bath and cuddle with a wheat bag. what great ideas.


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