09 April, 2011

Thursday - answers and more questions

Here is the transcript of the dvd interview with Tas: I managed to arrange for Ian to mind Angus so I could take Tas to see an Occupational Therapist today. I got an answer for all the increasingly nightmarish behaviours from Tasmin... the strange toe-walking, the kicking, the screaming, yelling, tears and tantrums, constant demands for attention, non-stop talking, the hours of getting ready in the morning, inability to play independently, fights at dinner, nightly meltdowns and the lack of an "off switch". It's a condition where (very much like her brother Angus who has autism) she needs a lot of extra sensory input to function. When her needs aren't met, undesirable behaviours follow. It's known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction and I'm so grateful to the mums I've met recently, Hannah and Anna, who experience this same situation on a daily basis and alerted me to it in the first place. I mentioned the problem to countless other people and professionals who had no idea. With some occupational therapy, and a different routine at home, I'm very hopeful things will start to improve. The question is, am I up to this?

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