19 April, 2011

Saturday - keeping Tas busy attempt #1

If our family was a TV show, I think the audience would be watching us and laughing (though it's not really a comedy, more a survival show). They'd be laughing at Ian and I running crazily around, trying to please Little Miss Tasmin. We were somewhat prepared today after the Thursday shopping spree, so I came out with a special puzzle that shows the life cycle of a butterly. After a false start, when she grabbed at the puzzle and it ended up on the floor, we divided the pieces into four bowls, and she did the puzzle herself, with a little help from her Dad. She did it quickly and efficiently (it took us longer, I swear) and then we were left empty handed, trying to think of the next thing. There were still lots of tears and tantrums, so we spent the rest of the day removing the last of the toys from the loungeroom, for another re-organisation.

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