19 April, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday - Mutti arrives

On Tuesday night Mutti arrived from Melbourne to shower us with love.

The next morning, as Tassie was awake very early, Mutti let her in to her room for a cuddle and a read. So generous! Tassie loved every minute.

She got dressed and sat on the bed for more stories.

We all got a bit dressed up for playgroup today, and it was fun to bring Mutti along. It's our last one til next term. It was nice to see Tas a bit happier and more relaxed with Mutti here to help out. There was a book and a letter from my cousin Karissa, which was very welcome too. And another book and CD present for Tasmin.

1 comment:

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

debbie you continue to amaze me with your talent.i love getting on to your blog.thanks for doing it and doing it with love-dee


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