03 April, 2011

Tuesday - Early Days part two

No photos today.

I took Angus shopping because funnily, Ian and I had not managed to find the time to do our online shopping order. It's supposed to save time, but well... It had been a particularly difficult morning with Miss Three and I felt very angry with her when I dropped her at kindy care rather late. So the shopping was a good mental diversion and I took Angie to the park afterwards for a play. Felt pretty exhausted when I returned home. We had to get our paid babysitter to mind the kids because Ian had forgotten he had something important on after work and I couldn't miss my Early Days workshop, about autism, so it was an expensive and tiring evening. I didn't get home til about midnight, but for me it was worth it, to hear what other parents are experiencing and to talk with them. There are two mums in particular I've met who have been really great to get to know. This night was also important because for the first time, I got some insight into why we might be having the problems with Tasmin that we are. More on that later.

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