17 May, 2011

Weekend - jumping into cushions

We set up the loungeroom floor with cushions and doonas for the kids to run and jump into. It was great fun. Later I spent the ENTIRE Saturday afternoon sleeping. I decided I must have been catching up on four years of sleep deprivation! Ian's so generous letting me nap at weekends lately.

On Sunday he spent a lot of time clearing out under the house for the hard rubbish collection. His weekend downtime is usually in the study, either chuckling at something on Facebook, updating his military history research blogs or this computer game.

In the afternoon I set Tas up to do some "scrapbooking" and even gave her a good collection of spare photos I've been putting aside for her. She loves gluing, drawing and cutting with her scissors, only later I found she'd sliced several photos into tiny slivers!

When Tas was in bed Sunday night, Ian and the little man had fun on the cushions, rolling around, being tickled and both giggling. Angus definitely slept better that night.

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