15 May, 2011

Tuesday - an awesome day

This has been my favourite day in ages. Angie and I went shopping - we seem to be managing on fortnightly shopping at the moment. He lost patience towards the end, especially when I wouldn't let him have an apple until they were paid for. We made a dash for the ungated playground which made him happy - only I chased him around and around until I was worn out. Had an interesting chat with a woman caring for a boy with Down Syndrome - she was giving his Mum the day off once a week. He also has a lot of early interventions, like Angus.

We got home to have lunch and unload the shopping before having to go again for Angie's speech lesson. It went so, so well. He repeated the words "Come back" which I'd heard him say earlier when I was trying to take the shopping from the car to the house. The speechie definitely heard it too. I popped into my local scrapbooking shop on the way home, searching in vain again for ink mist in lime green. I finally decided to order one and bought some embossing powder in that colour instead. Then I took Angie for yet another play, this time to the gated playground.

I even dropped in a month's worth of photos for developing. So that evening I updated the 365project album with photos - this time gluing them in to save time. What better way to end a great day!

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