23 May, 2011

Weekend - Her Millipeep and His First Sentence

On Saturday I decided to venture out to the shops with Tasmin. She was pretty well behaved, actually, until we met up with one of her little friends from childcare. This little girl was friendly and sweet, with energy levels to match Tasmin's. They got a bit wild, as we Mums walked and talked, and it was a relief to get home again! We made cupcakes to celebrate Moo-Cow's birthday and played parties with balloons.

On Sunday there was a lot of excitement as Tasmin ran to show me something.

There was something crawling up her arm. I went "Yuuuuckk!" and she explained, 'It's a millipeep."

On Sunday Angie surprised us with his Very. First. Sentence.

It was, "See you in the morning," as they say in the ABC Kids goodnight hour.


1 comment:

Wendy said...

wow a sentence from Angus that is awesome


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