09 May, 2011

Wednesday - help from Disability SA plus Carers Respite

Another really terrific day today. I had been dreading the fact there would be three appointments in one day, followed by my first day back at work. Well speech went well with Angus, and as it was the first therapy Angus had had for a few weeks I noticed a big difference in him afterwards. He was more alert and engaged with me.

Then we had a visit from Disability SA who turned out to be the nicest, warmest and most supportive people! The two women who visited reassured me that sometimes it's ok to do nothing (ie. therapy) for a few days while you have a break. They also said I was doing a good job and I believed them!

I'm really looking foward to the Monash program I will be doing in terms two and three, which provides training for me to navigate the whole autism thing, as well as the chance to link up with more parents for problem solving.

The other thing I have to mentionn, was they also referred me to Carers Respite and I am SOOOOO relieved to know that next time it gets too much, I can call CR for help with cleaning/nanny or whatever.

Things are looking up.

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Wendy said...

so glad there is help for you with carers respite - would benefit you all I'm sure. I'm ever grateful to my Mum and sister for this


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