20 May, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday - admin days

On Tuesday Angie and I went to see the researcher-therapists at Flinders University to assess Angie's abilities. Once again, he amazed me with new words and skills. The senior therapist was very experienced, and engaged Angie brilliantly. Angie imitated some of the play skills, which is rare for him to do, and said a few new words including "hi". He play-sipped from a cup, and play-flew a little aeroplane.

In the afternoon we had our long awaited visit from Austism SA and it was great to have more information, plus the all-important government-funding authority. We get a few thousand dollars of in-kind services (OT, speech, early intervention therapies) which has to last for four years.

On Wednesday I had to chance the catch up some of the autism-related paperwork while Ian stayed home from work to take Angie to his speech and OT appointments. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, and left a few messages I'm still waiting to hear back on.

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