09 May, 2011

Thursday - help from Nan

Today Angus had his first assessment with the Occupational Therapist, which turned out to be a real insight. I dropped Tasmin at her Nan's house, then took Angus into the city for his appointment. I had my notebook handy and took lots and lots of notes of ideas of things to try and home. After a two and a half month waiting period, we are now booked in for weekly sessions and I feel sure this place has been worth the wait.

During the assessment, Angus laughed and laughed. Together he and the OT really engaged. They swung, jumped, rolled, lunged, dived, smiled, cuddled, and bounced. When I got home and described it all to Ian, we agreed we may have to ditch the house renovation plans and convert our spare room into a sensory haven for the kids!

I'm quite serious...

When we got home, Tasmin set herself up with an activity - her favourite thing at the moment is working in her pre-kindy workbook, which was a gift from Santa. I was amazed to see her do this herself without any prompting from me. WOW!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

what things would you put in the sensory haven? Is it somewhere to quieten the senses or to inspire and encourage them?


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