15 May, 2011

Thursday - first day at kindy

This was Tasmin's first day at kindy. She will attend for two hours per week in this initial, pre-entry term. She refused to pose properly and I left her bag at the kindy, so this is the best I could do!

Angie and I stayed for the two hours as she seemed a bit anxious. We did feel welcome, and even though the other new mums paired up and made friends pretty quickly, I found the director much friendlier and more understanding this time. Angie sat on the mat for an hour and a half playing with the enormous train set, until pack up time when he had a big tantrum. She assured me it was alright and not to worry. In a room full of kindy children and their parents, and Angie running freely around just out of reach, it was a little stressful.

When we returned home for lunch, I made the decision to cut into the tomato we grew. It was very, very exciting! The plants went in late in January, and they produced several little green ones but only one actually ripened. It tasted wonderful, and Tassie was happy to try some.

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