15 May, 2011

Wednesday - first OT,11 words and the truck

So this was our first trip to the OT (Occupational Therapist). Unfortunately I let Angus hang on to his favourite Tonka truck, which has flashing lights that respond to sound or movement. If I'd taken it off him before reaching the new toys in the waiting room, he'd have had a tantrum. Another little boy with apparently severe autism ran directly to the truck and grabbed it from Angus. Angus passively withdrew, a little upset, and by the time the truck was returned to us five minutes later, the little boy was having a full noisy meltdown. It lasted ten minutes. I apologised to his Mum, who had another toddler and baby in a sling, but she only grimaced and avoided eye contact. I knew EXACTLY how she felt, of course, and vowed to myself never to let that happen again.

The girl we worked with didn't have the experience of the terrific guy who did the initial assessment - and there wasn't the same chemisty between her and Angus. I can see how amazing this therapy is going to be though - it's so great to see Angus totally connect with the world while he's running, and leaping and jumping and bouncing around in the cushioned room. I counted him say ELEVEN words during the first half an hour. He's never said more than three words a day.

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