04 July, 2011


It was baby Delilah's first birthday - we had a little party on Saturday and this is what I made - simple applique on some little long sleeved t-shirts from K-Mart:

I set up a pass-the-parcel game for Tasmin and Angus and they "won" little electric toothbrushes, in the hope they will be more interested in teeth brushing!

Ian and I popped out for two hours in the morning for a brunch date - we had a lovely babysitter from the children's childcare centre mind the children. It was wonderful - we'll definitely do this again.

Nan and Pa dropped by to give Tas an early birthday present before they leave for their Sydney holiday. Tas received a new top and tights, several books, one including a CD and a little bear. Tas was very pleased with her presents and wanted Nan to read to her.

Ian and his Dad catching up on the news of the day!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

beautiful job on the tops Deb. Sure Delilah loved it


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