25 July, 2011

Monday - A busy week

Angie settles in really well at the new Early Learning Centre. We've noticed he's talking more since he started there.

The Weekend
Ian and I got away for a proper rest sans children on Saturday night to West Lakes Resort, an awesome venue for a getaway, and generously subsidised by Carer Support. I don't know that we could afford a carer for the children on our budget!

It was really restful...despite the orange bedspread ;@)

FRIDAY - Central Markets
It was fun to have lunch Asian-style at the city markets and buy fresh meat and fruit and veg - we only venture there once a year cos the crowds and noise are a bit much for us quiet types!!

THURSDAY - at last a sunny day

WEDNESDAY - the day has arrived
We hadn't expected to start Angus on the intensive ABA therapy until the end of the year but we were contacted when another family cancelled. We haven't met the program's founder, Dr Robyn Young, but she has an amazing reputation in the field of autism and early detection. Participating in the Flinders program, rather than privately, saves us precious dollars for Angus's future therapies.

The house was clean and tidy by the time I picked up Angus from his ELC today...it's incredible to actually have time in the week to be able to do this now with both children at childcare on Tuesdays. Angus had a go on Tasmin's trikey, still clutching his precious trains in his left hand.

A chance to sit at the computer and catch up on my photo projects.

The Weekend
It was brilliant to take the children to the Railway Musuem on Saturday for a special Thomas the Tank day - happily it was sunny after many rainy days. Angus was so excited to see Thomas up close that he jumped and pointed repeatedly.

Sunday was one of those days where we didn't make it out of our pyjamas. Tasmin amused us with this funny line: "I am a robot" and stayed in character - as a robot - most of the day.

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Heather Jacob said...

looks and sounds like you had a well deserved rest ... good for you .. your children look gorgeous .. that is fabulous that you have found someone to help with your son .. my grandson is intellectually handicapped and I worry about my daughter as it is extremely tiring on her as you know ... we all have to have trust and faith that all will work out in the future .. Dakota struggles with life and it breaks my heart to see how hard life is for him ... I give him love and reassurance ...he is very gifted with art so we encourage that ...
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog .. hugz x


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