17 July, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday - the very exciting news story


I received an email from Scrapbooking Memories magazine that a page I'd submitted was being accepted for publication.


This exciting news cancelled out the yuckiness of the day before, but here's what happened...

It was difficult and tedious having to take Tasmin to yet another appointment today (an O.T.). This one did not have a very good "bedside manner" and lacked tact and sensitivity so I was a bit stressed for the rest of the day. And yet it was surprising to hear another professional remark on Tasmin's intelligence. He said she had the desk-top skills of a 5-and-a-half year old and was more than ready for school! My investigations into her challenging behaviours seem to be pointing to somewhere else entirely - not what I thought (ie. some sort of disorder). Maybe she does just need a lot of extra stimulation to keep her interested and learning?

The OT did agree though, that at her age she should be able to create her own play for at least 10 minutes (instead of hanging off me all day and following me around and talking non-stop!).

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