11 July, 2011

Saturday - it's-not-a-birthday-party birthday party

Ian and I were ridiculously exhausted by Saturday, the day of Tassie's birthday - also our wedding anniversary! Luckily I had bought a fairy cake I'd seen when doing the weekly shopping and that was about it. We still had a few balloons blown up from her baby cousin Delilah's first birthday, and with the arrival of her aunty, uncle and baby cousin, and Gandy, Tassie was pretty happy!
She loved her cake, and blowing out the four candles (it only looks like three in the pic!). She received some foam stickers (yes, I have my eye on them already!) and some cute French-girl clothing from Pumkin Patch, courtesy of Gandy. She looked really sweet in her new little outfit.

She'd already received some other presents too from the Poolers in Melbourne, and her Nan and Pa the previous weekend. We gave her a little cash register complete with shopping basket and groceries later on.

Not bad for a birthday party that wasn't a birthday party!

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