11 November, 2010

Wednesday - drawing, painting together

An interesting day. In the morning I got out the pencils and my watercolour paints - now their paints - and discovered Angie really likes this activity. He ended up with a lovely painting that went straight on to the fridge for display.

Later in the day, Gandy came over to help out so I could do an early bath and dinner for the children before going to work in her car. Ian was home earlier to take Tassie to the doctor as her ear had been bothering her. To Ian's embarrassed amusement, the doctor found a big blue lump of - gasp! - playdo in her ear!

Gandy's favourite part of the day was when Tassie grabbed a teatowel to help unload the dishwasher, then proceeded to set the table, standing back and saying 'Hmmm. What is missing here?' And seeing Angie now pointing more when he wants something.

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