09 November, 2010

Sunday - craft fair part two

Ah yes Sunday morning at our place. It's about 7am. Sleep-ins don't exist anymore. No matter how much we try and fight to keep them...

Another day in craft paradise. Oh yes, craft fair! This is the quilt I am going to make next year. I've never made one before. I bought the pattern and chose some very cute bright colours, so the colour will be very different from this one. Mine will have words and embellishment, too, like a scrap page. I also want to make a more arty quilt that will have photos on it too. Fun!

It was great to bring Mum today. This has become a little tradition for us. It's the fourth year we've been to this fair, and we started back in 2007 when Tassie was just three months old. I'm actually using the scrap product on her album that I bought way back then. I've been "saving" it which is a big no-no. But better late than never.

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Wendy said...

love the colours in the quilt. Mum is into making quilts now. She started with one for herself, then on for Robin which became mine - she even put a four leaf clover on it, one for Lewis with very primary colours and the pokemon symbols and one for Kerry in aqua and white. She sews it all together and then takes it to a lady who has a special machine to quilt it - put in the padding and sew the design across it. You'll have lots of fun with your arty ideas


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