17 November, 2010

Tuesday - hearing assessment day

It was an anxious morning. At least the sun was out, while I got the children's breakfast ready and unloaded the dishwasher. This is what my kitchen looks like on a sunny morning.

I start hearning shrieks and yells, and crying, before I rush out with fruit and cereal. They start the day with a drink of milk, so they're not starving or anything!

I took the two outside for some playtime in the morning and Tassie drew this magnificent face while I started my journal (an idea from the Happiness Project which I'm really really enjoying). A pity she's still drawing on herself and this IKEA pen doesn't seem to wash out of clothes. Sigh.

She went off to Monti and I took Angie for his hearing assessment. It was such a huge relief just to get there. Angie was his usual uncooperative self with the testing, wriggling and screaming most of the time (It was not at all intrusive). However it was plain that his hearing is just fine. Hooray for that. But he is not terribly responsive, is not talking at all, only babbling, and has a very short attention span. A phone call to the Early Intervention lady soon.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

so glad to hear his hearing is good


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