18 November, 2010

Wednesday - Bagee Wagee

This is one of the great things about Project 365 and taking (at least) one photo a day. It's a way of capturing little stories you want to be remembered. Tassie does this thing called Bagee Wagee. She sticks out her bottom, wiggles it, and says 'Bagee Wagee'. Ian claims he didn't teach her and she just came up with it. It's pretty cute.

I've found a way to get Tassie more involved - she LOVES to help with the washing - without holding me up. The other day, you'll remember, she had her own spray bottle of water and old toothbrush to "remove the stains". Now she has her own little clothesline to hang out her clothes.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

great idea to involve her with a line just her size - you are full of great ideas


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