30 November, 2010

Friday - busy morning to tire the kid out

Another hectic appointment-centred day. That's three this week. I toon Angie out for some painting with his new Crayola brush-pen paints, and for him, they're perfect. They're a cross between a brush pen and a thick texta, but it's just like painting (and washable). Billie was there to help out (see photo at bottom). Angie was soon covered in paint, and see him reaching for his nappy in the photo? Yes, well, let's just say it was straight into the bath after this was taken. He went for his nap at 10.30, was woken at 11.45 to get in the car, we had lunch on arrival and waited an hour to be seen. Sigh.

Ian returned late Friday night after another trip to Sydney, this time for work, for two days.

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