28 May, 2010

day 147 - thursday - finding our mojo

Angus seemed much better today. Poor Ian was shifted into the spare room overnight as his coughing kept the baby (and me) awake until 3am. Once up this morning, though, Angus smiled a lot and it's been so good to see again.

I decided it was time my paper box was glued together as I'm really tired of it collapsing every time I need some paper. I had to call on Ian for his expertise and while he started off giving me instructions, he ended up seeing to it himself. I was very grateful, considering he really isn't feeling very well.

I think he made a funny face because I was taking pictures...
1. For the wonderful people at Blackwood Swim Centre who agreed to give us a full refund for swimming this term. Thank you, thank you!
2. For Ian, helping me with my paper box when he wasn't feeling well
3. For Angus starting to feel better, and Tassie and I too

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