10 May, 2010

day 129 - sunday - mothers day

It's our tradition for my sister and I to take Mum for lunch on Mothers Day but this year we went for breakfast. I made these 'edible blooms' for her (see my post at Rock Paper Scissors Scrap on how to make these: easy!) It was a decadent buffet breakfast in style!

Couldn't resist the hot brekkie

The venue: lovely historic Mt Lofty House. Ian and I stayed here one weekend to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary nearly four years ago...

Beautiful distant hills in the background view

Me and my lovely Mum...
1. So grateful for my Mum
2. Grateful for Ian watching kids so I could have a granny nap in the afternoon
3. Grateful for Mum's comment about how much the handmade gift meant to her

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