25 May, 2010

day 145 - tuesday - a bad thread

No pictures today.

I called Tassie's childcare to say I was keeping her at home (for the fourth week in a row) and was shocked and surprised when the girl said that we would still be paying regardless (I had obviously misunderstand that bit when I signed her up, believing you got a discount for sick days). Ian and I talked about this later and realised that parents like us who do the right thing keeping their child at home, end up subsidising those parents who send their kids who are sick. The problem is, the centre doesn't provide any incentive to do the right thing!

I've never heard of a virus that lasted this long. But then, I've never had small children before and maybe this is normal. The doctor seemed to think so yesterday. Understandably, she was a bit stressed.

We were up all night with Angus again. I think he went to sleep at around 2.30am and then Tassie woke about an hour later and I went to her.

1. For Ian, who is also sick, but who got up with the babies this morning
2. For realising this month is just part of the "rich tapestry of life" (this set us into a fit of giggles when I told Ian)
3. For blogger, my one true friend who always listens when I have something to say!

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