08 March, 2010

Days 65,66,67 - long, wet weekend

Monday - making water bottle dogs like on playschool.

Sunday - Daddy working on the computer

The boys tussle on the floor, which is sort of comfortable for Daddy

Sunday afternoon: Manda dropped round with some laundry (their washing machine is stuffed), chatted about her 4 week school contract and enjoyed the 365-album with Tassie to explain the photos.

Sunday morning. Tassie loves crafts. Daddy made the binoculars.

Saturday night. Aah, dinner, spaghetti bolognaise made by Daddy.

I returned Saturday afternoon after some Mummy-only shopping, finding the perfect dress for a cousin's wedding later this month. Tasmin wore my favourite beads for just a few minutes before breaking them...again....Mummy never learns!

We all went for the babies' swimming lessons together Saturday morning

Saturday breakfast. Gandy joined us for pancakes after staying Friday night, which allowed ian and I to get away to see "Shutter Island", an exciting thriller, and have dinner.

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