09 March, 2010

Day 68 - tuesday - calm before the storm

Just another ordinary day really. This is angus being pensive...

Now he's excited about having his photo taken. A dream child, really!

It can take many shots to get one like this of Tassie, though...

The new plan is to put Angus down for his morning nap at 10.30 or so and wake him after an hour. Then he can return for an afternoon nap after 2pm, whenever Tassie goes down, so Mummy can have a break. It's actually working, on day 4 so far.

This morning after Angus woke, we rushed into town to get to the toy library before closing time, only all the car spaces were taken (apparently it's when the kindy finishes for the morning). So I had to park much further up the street, haul the kids into the pram, and push it up the slope. Then at the library, we borrowed toys, book and DVDs but then Tassie had a tantrum when it was time to go. She's been like this a lot the last few days. I went to the chemist to get more makeup only they had run out (again) of my foundation so we left, but across the road I realised I'd left a large bag with a library toy in it and had to return. Then back to the car, off to the shops, out again to get nappies - four boxes, on sale ( I saved $35 so hopefully worth the effort). I was exhausted when I got back. That pram weighs about 25kilos fully loaded.

I'm almost too scared to take these pictures of Tasmin, but it feels important to have a record of what our lives are really like.

At least I had a scrapbook mag from the library to relax with ;-)

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