08 March, 2010

Day 64 - Friday - afternoon nap

Tassie still has an afternoon nap, which we're pushing out a bit later to 2pm, but some days she isn't actually going to sleep. She says "I didn't close my eyes" or "I only closed one eye."

Aah, another date night. Thanks Mum! This is the first time she has babysat for us. We got the kids to bed and she stayed the night, so it was easy for everyone. Ian and I saw "Shutter Island", an outstanding thriller directed by Martin Scorcese. An incredibly well written script meant this was so watchable, even for a long 2-hour plus movie. Having dinner was great despite the annoying kids running around our table, kicking behind my chair and being, understandably, ignored by their parents. Didn't spoil our evening at all. We had eyes only for each other LOL :-)

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