08 July, 2012

2 mums, 8 kids and a few scrappy layouts.

Yesterday my friend Anna brought her four children to my place, so we could have a bit of a scrap session, and include Tasmin. Tas had already made her layout when our friends arrived!

Chloe, now 10, came for a scrap session last year and I decided to submit her pages to SBM magazine. They actually accepted one of the pages, but it took almost a year to appear in the magazine. The postman brought the magazine while we were scrapping - what a fantastic coincidence!

We were so inspired by her success, that I encouraged her to make a page or two for a challenge site, Sophie's Corner, especially for children. The July challenge is to scrap a page of yourself and a friend.

We took a quick iphone picture of Chloe with Tasmin, printed it on my Selphy printer, and away she went! She brought a second photo for her other layout. Here are her pages:

Chloe is amazing to watch. Instead of shifting things endlessly about the page like I used to, she works quickly and fearlessly. She loves Glimmer Mist - who doesn't? After I showed her how to make her own fabric button, which you can see on the first page, she decided to try one with paper towel. This might sound strange, but it actually works. And the paper towel had a cute swirl on it. Definitely pinching that idea.

We wondered how the younger siblings would go. I hoped that our DVD's, trains, and toys would keep Noah, 20 months, and Seb, nearly 3, happy. Taylen, 6, watched us scrap for a bit.

After he went and played outside with Tas, he decided to come back inside and try some misting, stamping and splodging. He ended up making three (background) pages! I loved his fearless splat technique, so I'm pinching that too, LOL!

At one point my sister popped in with her two children, 2 and 12 weeks. With my step-daughter Stephanie also here for the week, that meant there were eight children in the house. EIGHT! And it went pretty smoothly. Phew! Steph enjoyed a quick cuddle with my baby nephew before he demanded his Mummy back.

Anna and I went out on the balcony to watch the children playing hide and seek. I realised we have the perfect backyard for this. It's rather, er, wild and bushy! Chloe hid and waited for Tas to find her.

Anna, Chloe, Taylen, Seb and Noah - thanks for a really awesome day.


Lizzy Hill said...

What a wonderful ,fun & happy day you guys all had...great when it comes together & lovely to see the creativity o father kids:):):):)

Lizzy Hill said...

Woops...not used to the iPad ...creativity of the kids, I meant!!!!!!!

leannes scrappy stuff said...

"wow" what great lo's is great to see the kids having a go at the challenges thanks for playing along at Sophies corner!

raquel said...

Awesome layout for Sophie's corner! Thanks for joining in and congrats on being published :)

sarah martin said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. Congratulations to Chloe on having her layout published!
Gorgeous page for Sophie's corner.
Thanks for playing along.

Sophie K said...

Hi Chloe, great LO's you've created, thanks for playing along! And congratulation on being published! I was published for the first time the other month too!:)

Marelle said...

Congrats Chloe on being published!
Can you please email me your address again so Ican send Chloe her prize from SUYS as my computer crashed and I lost everything


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