02 May, 2012

Scrap pages to share


I have been away from the blog for a while. A bit swept away by the busyness of the everyday, each day so tightly scheduled. I've been thinking a lot about how I might get more 'balance' in to each day. There are soooooo many things that need to be done, then there are things that I would LIKE to do, and there's the issue of eating well, sleeping well, exercising.

How do you fit it all in each and every day?

This week I've decided to break my habit of flopping on the couch and just watching tv in the evening when the kids are in bed, when I could be reading or having a bath, or scrapbooking.

So far, so good!

Here are some layouts I finished recently but haven't shown on the blog, yet. These first two were for Stuck!? Sketches in the month of April:

and this one was made for a March Stuck?! Sketch...

I have been inspired to create some new things recently that I'm looking forward to sharing here as I go. Here's what floated my boat on Pinterest recently:



Great winter recipes!

I've pinned well over 1000 items on Pinterest now. I know! But I've gradually started to actually make things based on what's inspired me. I used to do a lot of cooking before having children, but have really struggled to find the time for it. I've started making some new things based on recipe pins.

Last week an opportunity arose ... it was Anzac Day, DH had the car, and the kids were home so I decided it was as good a time as any to make bread. I've always wanted to try making my own bread. This one is gluten free, which we're experimenting with (children with autism are thought to benefit from gluten free diets, but it's really only based on anecdotal evidence). Here's the result:

I'm very proud of this effort, considering it was my first time! I used a Basco bread mix from the shops, and it contained tapioca flour, maize flour and rice flour. The kids weren't keen on it but Ian and I liked it, and it's the first time I've even liked a gluten free bread. The texture was similar to a scone. The trick is to cool it quickly when it comes out of the oven to avoid the glugginess.

I made a chicken soup for dinner tonight in the slow cooker with a whole chicken and a fresh packet of 'soup mix vegetables' from the shops. I haven't got a photo of it, but trust me, it was great!

Are you inspired to try new recipes for winter?


Lizzy Hill said...

Go girl! Your own bread. Wow! And I love your use of Washi, specially that li'l pennant in the corner of the LO....cute! Your misting is great,too...hope that balance trick works!!!!

sandi said...

Love your pages...fab! And looking at that food...yum! Your bread looks wonderfully delish!

Moonie said...

OMG that bread looks amazing.. My husband would die and go to heaven if I made that for him.. Love your blog.. very nice and inspiring x


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