26 November, 2011

A weekend away with an art, craft and spiritual purpose

On a whim I decided to take myself away for a weekend of art journalling, and two new crafts to learn: crochet and jewellery making, with just my iPhone (via YouTube) to guide me.

I love that I packed this Sentinel straight out of the letterbox and the front cover says "art and soul - a weekend trip with a spiritual purpose." It was right alongside my new copy of Scrapbook Memories mag! Sometimes the universe sends us little signs to reassure us that we are where we are meant to be!

There's a lot to think about at home at the moment as the needs of our children Angus and Tas pretty much dominate everything. I went to a Mark le Messurier workshop yesterday to learn more about kids on the spectrum and help with parenting and schooling. That guy knows a lot about this area as a counsellor and parent of a girl with Aspergers.

I've bought two of his books which I hope to read and review soon.

Ok now's the part where I log off and get painting.

Happy thanksgiving!

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lindy said...

Have a great weekend Deb!!


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