11 October, 2011

playing with actions

I'm a few weeks behind in my beloved 365 (daily photo) project. The photots are all there, but not all uploaded/photoshopped/printed. Now that I've sat down and completed a week, and played with some exciting new Coffee Shop actions, I thought I'd share my faves from a weekend back in September.

Attic Vintage action
Attic Vintage
2 minute makeover and levels adjustment
Attic vintage and texture overlay

Nearly every time I sit and play with Photoshop Elements I seem to learn something new. Today I discovered that you can isolate any part of the image and adjust the levels for colour/shadow/midtones and highlights. So, if you have a face in shadow but the rest of the image is fine, you can fix it quickly in a few seconds. I wish I'd know that before!! At this rate, I may be ready for Photoshop sooner than I thought. On the other hand, I've heard the full version is very expensive.

How do you manage your photos?

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